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At Goin' Postal Goldenrod we specialize in national and international shipments, with door-to-door coverage in Venezuela, Colombia and much of Latin America.

We offer practical, effective and immediate logistics solutions. We have a highly qualified work team prepared to provide personalized attention to our clients, focusing on comfort and tranquility and making them feel part of the great Goin' Postal Goldenrod family.

Located in Central Florida, we are part of Goin' Postal, one of the most successful shipping franchises in the United States.


Our only location is 8 minutes from the Orlando International Airport in Goldenrod.

Moving Day

Work team

At Goin' Postal Goldenrod we have a team of experts who provide quality service and personalized attention from the moment we receive your package until it is delivered to its final destination.

Your trust is our priority.

High Fives
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Always ready at the reception for  receive and provide our clients with specialized advice and effectively offer the service that best suits their needs.

Customer Support

When the tone sounds, we answer your call, always ready to assist you and clarify your doubts, offering information on budgets and everything you need regarding your order.

Consultor Hotline


We have a transport logistics that provides effective solutions to the needs of our customers. We offer pick-up service, locker and purchasing agents whose priority  is to ensure that your shipping experience is the best.



Always ready to offer you help!

Focused on making your way easier and taking care of the packages, they are in charge of moving the boxes and transmitting the necessary information for the use of the appropriate sizes. Also, they are responsible for preparing the load for daily or weekly departures. Count on them if you want perfect packaging.

Doubts and Suggestions

The faces you see when you enter our store are an invitation to receive their advice and direct you to the shipping process. Always active, they collaborate in Customer Service to channel doubts and suggestions. In addition, you can interact with us through Instagram, Facebook and the 2.0 world.

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